Whole30 changed my life? It absolutely did.

It was December, 2016.  I just turned forty six years old.  I was tired and out of shape, even though I worked out regularly.  My eating was out of control.  

You see, I knew what I needed to do.  I knew I needed to eat healthier and work out smarter.  The years I spent telling myself that "I will get to it" were catching up to me, and I had to do something before I would be swept away into the 'I'm meant to be fat' mindset.  Again. 

I'm not sure if it was one thing, or a combination of things, but I was determined to make a change and get healthier.  Cue in Whole30, cue in kettlebell workouts.  

I was no stranger to working out hard in the gym.  I was kickboxing three times per week, for god's sake!  That's no joke!  But I never had it right in the kitchen, so my workouts could never really help me achieve my goals.  I read somewhere that women my age should be lift heavy things, and I had a few friends that loved kettlebell workouts, and knew of a great trainer.  

Starting my first Whole30 round was scary and necessary.  Joining a kettlebell gym was scary and necessary.  

I read that the Whole30 could change your life.  I've never been a believer in hokey claims like these.  Change my life, huh?  Quite a claim.  

Without going into to much detail in this blog, I will tell you honestly and whole heartedly, that adopting a Whole30 lifestyle introduced me to a life that I had no idea I could have.  Within a few months of Whole30 plus clean eating, I had the confidence to pursue some pretty amazing new endeavors, such as becoming a Certified Whole30 coach, competing in Strong First Tactical Strength Challenges and Kettlebell certification (hopefully...certification is this weekend!). 

I credit my family for amazing support, my fitness friends and trainers, who believe in me and continue to support and challenge me.  

October 2016

Pre-Whole30 and brand new to kettlebells

first kettlebell class.JPG

June 2018

Preparing for kettlebell certification in the home gym

kettlebells and abs.jpg





Christine McCallum